Monday, January 4, 2016

Mosaic Monday - Inside and Out

I took a few outside pictures recently.  The pine trees line a drive way and stand straight and snow covered.  The deciduous trees in the background are catching the sunlight and look lit up providing a contrast for the dark green evergreens.

I am working on still life photography right now.  This is a clear glass tea pot with pink tea inside.  I was looking for a tea that would complement the red charger plate and turned out to be the Oprah Chai Tea.

A picture of train tracks curving off into unknown parts. As I enter 2016 not knowing what the year will bring I look forward to new experiences.


  1. Lovely pictures each...great perspective in each!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  2. The snow that finally arrived is so pretty although I think ours may not be around long with warmer temps again. What a weird winter so far!
    Are you taking Kim K's still life photography classes on-line? I am learning so much from her, things that were right before me but not seen.

    1. Judith, I have been inspired by your postings to do more still life vignettes. I would like to create a tea calendar for 2017 so I need to stage quite a few in the next few months and pick the best. Sylvia

  3. The vertical lines of the pines are very nice and the same for the leading line of the railroad tracks leading the eye right to the train.
    My favorite is the still life and the choice of tea is perfect.


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