Sunday, January 24, 2016

Friday Hunt 1.4

This is a dictionary I brought home from my parent's house this weekend.  It's time to clear things from their home and my sister and I have decided to divide this very old book.  I do not do this lightly as I consider books very special.  I thought I would at least try to document it a little.  I will do more research and update once I have more.  It is the photo for my "D" word.

I took this photo of a church on my drive home.  It is my favorite shot this week.  and could count for the sky as well as it was not bright at all.
The third prompt this week was Beautiful.  Sorry!

Submitting this post to Friday Hunt 1.4 hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.
Prompts are:
Sky Beautiful

Update: What I have found is that the dictionary dates from 1945 that makes it over 70 years old.


  1. What a great old dictionary! I hope you can discover more about it. Your sky looks about like ours today. Very drab. It's still a lovely image of the church. Thank you so much for joining in.

  2. That church building is beautiful! I like white on white:) Have a happy week!


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