Saturday, January 30, 2016

Share Your Cup - Light Furniture

This chair arrived today.  I purchased it several weeks ago while visiting my sister but it would not fit in my car for the ride home so I needed it delivered.  My sister and my brother in law brought it to my house today for the price of lunch. Thanks so much!  It's made of light colored wood  (maple? pine?) which matches the rest of the furniture in the living room which I have collected over the last 20 years. I have passed up several glider chairs in the last several months and I am glad I waited. The covers are removable and my sister had washed them once.  Someone in the past had washed the cushions without removing the covers which requires removing the buttons and putting them back once the covers are back on the cushions. The buttons were covered with the same fabric as the covers but the backs were metal.  Since the cushions were left wet for a while I suspect, the backs rusted and stained the fabric around the buttons.  These stains did not come out when they were washed the first time. I made a mixture of water and bleach half & half and sprayed it on the stains a couple of times making sure to rinse the fabric right away.  Success!!! I gave the wood of the chair a complete wash from top to bottom while the covers were in the dryer. Once the covers were dry,  I decided to replace the buttons with some from my Mom's collection (check out the small pics in the bottom corner).  I chose some ivory pearly ones with shank backs. With a long needle I threaded them to the back and tied them to pearl buttons with 2 holes.  This will allow me to easily remove them when I wash the covers.  Did you see the color of the fabric? They will need regular washing.

The cabinet on the left is a multi purpose cabinet. My TV lives on the top. Inside, it holds audio and video media, candle & wax, and other miscellaneous stuff. This is one of the original pieces of pine wood furniture I purchased from IKEA years ago.  The train on the floor in front of the cabinet was made by my Dad.  Not sure what the wood is but it fits right in!

The secretary desk on the right I purchased earlier this year.  It's pine. I bought it second hand because I could not find a real wood piece to match the furniture I bought a long time ago.  My niece even noted when she helped deliver it that "Auntie, it matches the rest of the furniture!" Exactly!  I store my table linens, cream and sugar set, vases, coasters and such in there.  These are close at hand when I want to change the look of the table.  I've put my mercury glass tree and the similar candle holder with a yellow candle. In the center is an angel tea light holder.  Above is my card holder which still holds Christmas cards.  The dining room table and sofa end tables are also pine from IKEA.
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  1. I love the shade of your "light" furniture and I like the design of your glider. It looks like it would be comfortable to sit in. Aren't you glad you waited to get just the right piece.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

    1. Carol, Yes, I am very glad I waited. My living room is coming together. I still have a pile of paper craft stuff to go through and get rid of. I have a party on Feb 10th so that will serve as motivation. Sylvia D.

  2. It fits right in! And it looks comfy too!

  3. Your glider chair looks perfect for cozying up with a book. I'm also a fan of secretary desks--they're great for hiding clutter. Hee!


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