Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday's Hunt 1.5

I'm joining Friday's Hunt 1.5 where the prompts are start with the letter E, Favorite, Sky.

I chose Egg for the letter E.  Eggs are smooth, oval and perfect.  I nestled it in some brown rice in a small rectangular china dish. I imagine it's designed for condiments or sauces.  I used my sunflower hot spot as a background.  You can check out another egg photo I took a while ago.

Favorite: Grapefruit is one of my favorite fruit.  They are in season and reasonably priced these days.

I repeated the circular theme by surrounding the fruit with lavender loose leaf tea onto a white round ironstone plate.  The white plate was on a gold charger plate but I ended up cropping that.

I love this shot in late fall.  The sky is so animated with a storm rolling in.  The sun was setting and putting light on the far hills.  In the foreground, there are birds on the water as they prepare to migrate.  Unfortunately, power lines are pretty much unavoidable but are quite subtle in this shot.

Submitting to Friday's Hunt 1.5 hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.


  1. What fun photos of the egg and grapefruit! I am horrible with food photography, so I am always impressed when people do it well. The last image is quite dramatic and beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt!

  2. Sylvia, these are all such well composed pictures, I love all three!!
    Generally I think of eating when I think 'Food' but I do take a lot of food pictures for my blog. Still thinking of 'show and tell,' I don't worry too much about composition, just try to get a good one.
    Back when I was in one of the Skywatch meme's my power line shots I would call "Sky Pollution". Billboards also.

  3. Awesome styling of the egg, using rice was clever. The storm clouds look heavy and the vista itself is lovely.

  4. Oh I love the last photo too makes me wish I had been there.

  5. That is a stunning sky. I love grapefruit but I can't eat them - they don't get along with my medication.

  6. I very much like your food photos! Very cool presentation!


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