Thursday, January 21, 2016

Share Your Cup - This Week

I made a proposal early in January in hopes of getting an order for my photo calendars.  I had been thinking about changing the first sheet and I took the opportunity to try it out.  I replaced the front photo with a small sheet of vellum with the pertinent details.  It goes over the dates of the calendar till it's time to start using the calendar.  This will help for customers to immediately recognize it as a calendar.

The photo on the right is the first sheet for the 2106 Garden calendar.  I know it says photo calendar but I think it's better to actually let me see the calendar part.  We'll see if it helps for the sale of the 2017 ones when they come out later this year.

Check out my feature post and you could win a 2016 Up Close calendar in my blog giveaway. 

This week, I was working on preparation for Card Club which I will teach on Monday.  I wanted to create a card which would work of Valentines, Wedding or Anniversary.  I decided to use paper heart doilies.  The designer papers I had selected were all in the warm tones so I wanted to warm up the white doilies. I pulled out my trusty Tim Holtz Distress Stain Antique Linen to just change the color a bit.  This is what I got! Green!!  Needless to say I had to change my strategy to one that would work with white hearts. 
After a search on line I found this post which identifies the same problem. The Tattered Rose has turned green as well.  Once I check all my bottles I guess a call to Ranger will be in my future.
UPDATE:  My replacement bottles of Tim Holtz Distress Stain arrived today, March 3, 2016.  Ranger provides great customer service and stands by their products.

I store my 12x12 designer paper in plastic drawer organizers.  One drawer holds my DSP scraps, in hopes that they will be used in another project.  This week I just had to clear out the paper scraps I was never going to use.  Some of these I have been looking at for at least 5 years and every time I would come and look for a scrap I would see them.  I was able to let go of them this week and put them in a bag headed to the ReUse Centre.  I'm sure some teacher looking for scraps for her grade 1 class will appreciate a nice collection of small pieces which can be cut up into a mosaic, a paper strip project or something else which I can't even conceive.  I can close the drawer with out doing the shuffle.  I can easily see what I have because this is much less of it, and I'm feeling lighter.
The next task in the de-stashing is gift wrap rolls.  More about that later.

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  1. I've had the same problem with TH Distress Stains. As your link noted, the problem is in the preservatives they first used. Call Ranger... they will cheerfully send you replacements. They ask for you to Email them pictures of the stain on watercolor paper, a picture of the label, a picture of the stain in the bottle, and a picture of the discolored sponge on top.
    Easy Peasy.

  2. The velum idea on your calendars sound like a great idea. Love the dew kissed bloom! I use to save scraps like that as well. I had a yard sale a few years ago and down sized a lot of my odds and ends. Have never regretted it. Like you said, others can put them to good use. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Reminds me of my yarn..I spin yarn and sometimes leave scraps after I make a project..I put them in a big grab bag, I never know when I might need something colorful for needle felting..I love your pretty cards :-)


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