Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Share Your Cup #201 - This week

I have been looking for some blue and white patterned plates to coordinate with the rest of my dinner ware collection. They had to be smaller than the luncheon plates but not a saucer.  I found these at the second hand store last week and they are perfect.  The right blue, the right size and the right price.  Unfortunately, there are only 2 so I will keep looking.  They did several patterns in the blue so chances are good I will find something.
They are vintage blue transferware dessert plates made by Myott, England 1940-1950s in the pattern called The Hunter measuring 7 inches in diameter. The ironstone plates have a rural scene with a hunter and his dog coming home.  I love the fluted rim which adds just a bit more to the presentation.

At the same time I found these gorgeous small square yellow bowls.  They are really nice.  Just the right size of a dessert.  I scored 5 of those.  They hold 1/2 cup so they would work well for yogurt and berries, pudding with fruit, hummus with veggies, fruit salad, and a bunch more.

My aunt and I took in the James Taylor concert last night.  Some of the songs were familiar and the crowd was chilled and well behaved. We took the train to the venue and managed to leave just a tad early to beat the rush on the train home.

It was a good experience.

On one of  my walks this week I left a little earlier because I had a full day of things to do.  I was rewarded with seeing a hot air balloon flying over the river valley while the temperature was cool and the winds were calm.

I took a picture of this cobalt blue glass vase on the window sill at my aunt's house. She has a lovely collection of this glass the the light was making it look pretty.

Joining Share Your Cup #201 with Carol at Art & Sand.


  1. Love your blue transfer ware dishes. I have bowls in this pattern. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! I do love me my spray paint!! LOL!!


  2. Love your pretty blue plates! Hope you find more. The yellow bowls compliment them wonderfully! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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