Thursday, June 16, 2016

Share Your Cup #202

I bought these molds this week because they were yellow and I did not have any of them in my Tupperware collection.  As you can see by the second photo I have been duped.  These are not Tupperware!! But very good copies.  The color is great so they will stay.

I thought I would post an update to my herb garden in a pot.  They are growing. The dill in the centre and the cilantro are doing well.  The very skinny chives in the back are going to be a long while before I see something I can eat.  The other on the left is basil which is quite a bit behind as well.  I don't have the natural talent my mother and sister have.  I will be patient.

I recently came across a large collection of these glass ornaments in red, blue, white, silver and glitter.  They are the same size as others I  had to I decided to keep a few to supplement my photos in future particularly during the holidays.  I will be sending the rest to the second hand store for the next person to think they are cool!

Peeling paint on the side of a sea container parked at a construction site during my walk this week.  I like to have a variety of textures to use as backgrounds in my projects and the color was just right.

I'm working on owls for one of my calendar projects so I have researched a lot of patterns on-line to see what I would like to make.  This is the closest I have found but it needs some changes to fit my idea so I will get the pencil out and start redrawing it.  Keep an eye for the project later on this year. 

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