Thursday, June 30, 2016

Share Your Cup #204

My collection of white porcelain tea cups is growing.  I found 2 cups from Stokes at Goodwill for a $1 each.  They are a pure white color, have a bit of texture and present very elegantly.  I filled it with Jade Citrus Mint green tea.  I will be getting rid of my Mikasa ones which don't have saucers.
Check out this post for my last tea cup bargain.

This is a wonderful hand blown glass ball.  It has a wonderful glass hanger at the top.  The outside is iridescent, multi colored and textured.  Shining a light through it reveals wonderful colors.  It's a wonderful beautiful thing and I look forward to having the sun shining through it in the mornings.

This is a tea caddy spoon.  What is it?
A caddy spoon is a spoon used for measuring out the dried form of tea leaves, that are commonly called tea. Traditionally made of silver, they were in common use in the 19th century, when tea was a more expensive commodity. Tea was sometimes stored in elaborate boxes or containers called tea caddies, and these spoons were made to be used with such containers.  I think it's silver plate but with no marks it's impossible to tell. 
This was an extra in a bag of stuff from a second hand store so I'm thrilled that it is a tea related item.  It has Australia etched in the bowl and the Harbour Bridge Sydney on the emblem.

This mystery piece of glass showed up this week.  It was free and undamaged.  It has wonderful colors in it, such as teal and copper.  I have put a tea light on the inside to show of the colors. 
The mystery is what is it?  It has 2 holes on the side which have been drilled.  Why?
It could be a vase but then the hole don't make sense,

it could be a pot which may explain the holes if suspended by some sort of string,
it works as a tea light holder.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to it's purpose?  Leave me a comment.

I bought myself a nice bowl for salad.  I eat a lot of vegetable salads during the summer.  I have been eating it from plastic bowl from the dollar store.  Today that changes.  The old one heads out to the second hand store and this nice glass bowl takes it's place.  Eating should be a pleasure and a nice bowl will make it so.  It can also double as a serving bowl when entertaining.  It's just an elegant simple bowl which will wash up nicely after being used.
Love it.

Sharing with Carol at Art and Sand for Share Your Cup #204.

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