Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Share Your Cup #203

I've come up with a way to remember how many times I've steeped my loose tea.  Most teas you can steep at least 2 times, some more. 
I chose to re-purpose an item already in my house.  I made these glass markers years ago and sold many of them.  They were designed to sit on the stem of a glass and each guest would have their own color. and therefore able to remember which glass was theirs.
These were still in my stash so I decided to add one to the handle of the tea pot each time I made tea.  They are pretty and useful.  Works for me. 

Does anyone else have the problem of remembering the number of time tea leaves have been steeped?  How do you handle it?  Leave me a comment.

This is one of the books I read over the last three weeks.  The ideas are not new but a reminder is always good.  The three principles are:
1. What you resist persists and grows stronger.
2. You can only be exactly as you are in the moment.
3. Anything you allow to be exactly as it is completes itself.
The idea for number 3 is: If you are facing something difficult face it head on and let it be.  It will run it's course and disappear. Many times we avoid, procrastinate, deflect issues based on our fears which just make them last longer.

I celebrated a birthday last week.  You know one of those that end in a zero.  It was a big one.

A good friend took me out for supper, a trip to an antique mall and DQ for dessert on my actual birthday.
I received several phone calls and emails from family.
I was out for steak dinner last night thanks to a good friend.
Another birthday supper is planned with a friend in about 10 days.
I am truly blessed to have such great friends and family.

Of course, I always share my birthday with Father's Day!

I found these Tea Cup Silicone Cupcake baking cups this week.  I love them and they will make a great addition to my tea accessories collection.  I use silicone liners for my muffins all the time. The black ones from Pampered Chef have not discolored probably because of their color.  The ones from Steeped Tea Morning Glory Dessert Cups have discolored so I don't think I will be baking cupcakes in these.  I want to keep them pretty.  I think I will use them for jellied or frozen desserts.  I can see pudding topped with fresh fruit in them.
Here's a wonderful yellow!! casserole dish which I received as a gift recently.  I love it!

I was able to purge a couple of old Pyrex pieces put this one in their place in the cupboard.  One in one out is a good rule to live by.  One in two out is even better.

I'm serving lunch on Friday so I think I will make a rhubarb crisp for dessert. 

Submitting to Share Your Cup #203 hosted by Carol at Art & Sand. 

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  1. Well don't I feel like a real dummy? I never knew that you could steep your loose teas more than once. I just always throw them away afterwards. Glad you had a Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up next month. The teacup silicone liners are so cute. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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