Thursday, February 2, 2017

Blog Give Away Winners

I have received contact information from all the winners and the calendars are on their way.

Some of the plans shared include work a little less, play a little more, on going exercise, time away from the regular routine, and time for hobbies like card making, gardening, and sewing. 

Thanks so much to those who shared with me.  

Charmaine, British Columbia, Canada 

Diane, Ontario, Canada 


Lorrie, British Columbia, Canada

Susan, New Brunswick, Canada

Maggie, Normandy, France


  1. Thank you, Sylvia. You are very kind and generous. I look forward to the calendar's arrival.

  2. Love my caendar, Sylvia! If you do a tea one for 2018 I want to put my order in now for one to give to my best friend stateside.


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