Friday, February 10, 2017

Tea with Lemon and Sewing

I had tea with lemon.  This cup was set up for a photo challenge I had on my Flickr account which was lemon. 
I made a pot of Jade Citrus Mint in my fluted clear glass teapot with an infuser.  I filled the crystal bowl with lemons. These are artificial but I would like one day to have glass ones.  The glass honey jar was added then I poured a cup into my Steeped Tea clear glass tea cup.  I created a twist of lemon with a slice cut to the center and one end flipped.  All set up on a green napkin.

I've made several more tea cup coasters.  I just love to make these so my collection is growing so I hope they get the nod for our May women's event but nothing more on the front.

This week meant a trip to the library.  It was so cold that I did not really want to venture out but one book had a hold on it so it had to be returned.  I dressed up and hit the road. It was better getting around than I thought at frigid temperatures. 

I took this book out of the library.  It was a pretty quick read.  With card making in decline I guess I have been toying with the idea of doing sewing to sell.  This book provided a lot of food for thought about product, pricing, materials and venues for selling. 

I was not convinced yet that I could make it with this venture.  I'm enjoying sewing for now so it will be a hobby for now.

With that said I would like to try making a Open Wide Zippered Pouch.  I love that you have full access to the contents of the pouch.  I would not be patchworking the outside. 

I was encouraged that a couple of my sisters are enjoying their Scrap Sacks I made as Christmas gifts.  I think they are a way too cool idea so there will be a few more of those made.

Did I say it's been COLD!  I have been hibernating more than I should.
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  1. I have the same Steeped Tea clear teacup and like its generous capacity. I'm loving all your teacup coasters. My favourite among this bunch is the one with the blue butterfly pattern.

  2. Oh now I want a cup of hot tea! Love the clear glass tea cup and saucer, teapot and bowl, so pretty. I love the idea of glass lemons, I have glass pumpkins and love them. I love the zippered pouch, the opening is so important, big is better to grab the contents.
    Have a great weekend........

  3. Dear Sylvia:
    I enjoyed your post and hobbies. Your little coasters are darling! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your lemony photo is wonderful, Sylvia, and I'm admiring it while drinking a cup of tea! I've made so many of those little tea cup coasters, too, and little zippered pouches. Don't people love homemade gifts? I love your scrap bags, too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was thinking I wanted a hot cup of tea as soon as you mentioned it! I love tea with lemon in it because I don't use milk in mine.. Lemon is also great for digestion. Your coasters are really cute and so are you other projects.

  6. I've made a lot of those tea cup coasters too and they always turn out so cute! They make sweet gifts for someone that stops over. I like making zippered pouches too. The first one is a little challenging but then it's easy! Hugs, Diane


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