Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mosaic Monday - Valentine's Day

I have been working on my digital photography editing skills. (One of my goals for 2017)  I started out with an image I put together while I was working on a challenge on my Flickr group.  I have been gathering texture images and I was fortunate that my sister gave me a piece of cheese cloth last time I was there so I took a photo of it against black and white backgrounds.  The other layer that I added was an image of a frozen pond with horizontal textures.  This week I learned how to create an editing mask so that I can reveal my main elements through the 2 textures I had applied over them.  Wishing everyone a nice Valentine's Day.

I was out to visit my Mom and Dad on the weekend and I shared with her my Tea Cup Coaster project.  She donated several small pieces of fabric toward the cause.  I really enjoy making them. Now I have a good variety of fabric designs to ensure they are all unique.

This was breakfast this morning.  A cup of Raspberry Thriller tea in a small bone china teacup set.  Rye bread toast with peanut butter and Raspberry Jam.  I used one of the napkins I received from Margie at Tea in the Valley in her blog give away.  Pink was the color scheme and it fit right in.  I placed a Battenburg lace heart at the top of the placemat which has a saying about grand daughters. A pink stained glass angel set in a wooden base stands at the top of the place setting.

I am joining Maggie who hosts Mosaic Monday #27.


  1. Cute coasters, perfect for a cuppa. Your breakfast looked a real treat too, it's good to make our everydays special in small ways.
    Thanks once again for the super calendar, it's really lovely.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Sylvia. Enjoy making the teacup coasters.

  3. I love working on photos on the computer. Your card turned out beautiful! The frozen pond sure added a lot! Love your giveaway goodies too! What FUN! Happy Valentines day!


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