Friday, February 24, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

I was out for a meeting this morning so I took advantage of being outdoors to take a few photos.  There is a particular area that I go by often and have wanted to stop.  Today I stopped.  It was very cold on the fingers so I had to keep my gloves on.  I love the shiny look of the white bark on this tree.  It glowed from the little bit of sun shining.  I'm sorry I missed the top of the tree.
I love this Tupperware bowl to the point that I have 2 of them.  I love the color, the size and the quality.  As you can see in the small photo I melted the edge somewhere along the line. It no longer created a watertight seal so I was limited how I could use the bowl.  Since I wrecked the bowl I could not have it replaced on warranty.  And buying a new one would mean it would not be yellow. This week, I found a replacement for this Tupperware mixing bowl.  It did not have a seal so the price was good but I have one so I am good to go!

I read this book recently for the third time.  I think I should read it once a year.  It would help me to develop my attitude of gratitude. Ann Voskamp wrote the book after being challenged by a friend to write down 1000 gifts.  It changed her view of her life when she actively starting looking in her life for gifts from God.   The study guides arrived last week and I have started the bible study.
I bought this wooden cutting board last week.  I am quite sure that it is bamboo.  I have been wanting one for photography and this one fits the bill to a tee!   It has great surface texture from a lot of great use. I ran it through a good cleaning process.  I wonder if I should be oiling this?
I found this cobalt blue bottle at the thrift store for a great price.  It's sides are very uneven and there are bubbles in the glass.  There are wonderful crackles in the glass.  I'm going to use it as a vase in my photography.   It's going to go well with the few other pieces I have in my collection which I shared here earlier.
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  1. The tree is beautiful! Lucky to have found a Tupperware to replace the one that got melted. The book sounds like one we all should read. I oil my cutting boards with coconut oil now and then, not sure if it's necessary. :) I have a small collection of blue bottles. Good find! Thanks for sharing with SyC.


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