Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fridge Calendars - Tea - Quick & Handy

I decided to make a set in my line of fridge calendars that feature tea still lifes. 

I selected 4 tea sayings for these Fridge Calendars.  I selected photos which worked with the sayings.  The combo was printed on 4x6 photo paper which was layered onto coordinating card stock.  A magnet is then added to the back.  This allows it to be used on any metal surface - fridge, file cabinet, and/or toolbox.  A push pin will hold it onto a cork or bulletin board.

Put it where you can see it for a quick reference.  It is easily mailed so it is a great gift for those far away.  Include it in your Christmas card.

I chose the followiong tea related sayings.

There is always time for tea.
All you need is a book and a cup of tea.
Note to Self: Tea Helps
Tea is always a Good idea.

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  1. Very nice, Sylvia! My teacup swap partner gifted me a tea-themed magnet calendar so my fridge is all set.


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