Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mini Show - Photos to Gallery

I'm dropping off my framed photos to the gallery today for the Miniatures Show which starts on December 1st. The art pieces must be 10 x 10 or smaller which provides customers the opportunity to purchase art at a smaller price point for the Christmas season.

I added my signature with a black Pigma Micro archival marker.

I chose this beech wood 10x10 inch frame with a white mat for my Wilson's Snipe photo which compliments the it nicely.

I chose a matte silver frame in 6 x 8 inches for this Barn Swallow photo.  He was keeping a keen eye on me when I visited the Ellis Blue Bird farm.  

A beautiful pink tulip taken at the Conservatory. I chose an 8x10 silver frame with a white mat.

This photo features a Greater Scaup which is a medium sized duck which was taken at Elk Island Park earlier this year.

I chose a 7x7 inch matte black metal frame with a generous white mat.  The black frame complements the black in the duck very nicely.

This red poppy is framed in a gun metal metal frame with a greenish granite mat.

This sunflower was placed with a medium blue mat into a 8x10 inch matte navy metal frame.

The reception will take place on Friday, December 1st!

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  1. That's a wonderful idea for a show, Sylvia, and I know that your beautiful work will do well indeed!


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