Thursday, November 30, 2017

Recent Photos

I have been asked for barns in winter so on my way to a craft sale out of town on the weekend I stopped and snapped a few shots.

It was late afternoon and the sun was catching the grass in the front and make it brighter.  The white on the barn was also brightened.

Of course most folks would prefer a red barn and as luck would have it there was one of those as well.

There is not much snow yet but  there will be opportunities later in the winter for more snow in the shot.

Breakfast was near the couch this morning.  I have a new to me teapot.  I decided a needed only one more teapot and it should work with the blue dinnerware.  At the second hand store yesterday there it was and on sale to boot!

I prepared Earl Grey tea in it this morning.  I brought breakfast out on a large oval golden yellow tray.  I am using a bowl and mug from the said blue dinnerware.  Works well.

I found the book at another second hand store the other day.

I have not found much information about the teapot.  The label on the bottom has Signature Housewares Inc. on it. I see that Costco carries this brand so that may be it's origin.  It is a 4 cup which a perfect size for 2 people.

This is a book I read recently.

This girl is fed up with her job and has a dream to live in Paris when someone poses the question. "How money would it take for you to quit your job?" What an idea.

She applies herself to the numbers, once the number is determined she goes about to achieve it.

She does get to Paris but I will not give you the whole story in case you want to read.  I believe it is a true story and the Paris Letters were a small way to raise funds to support her stay there.

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  1. I believe I have heard of this book. What a cute teapot. There more I get into tea the more different teapots and cups I see. Such fun, it is never ending it seems. And LOVE barns, thanks for the pictures.

  2. I love your header above and imagine this book to be delightful! Thanks for sharing with a cup of tea!

  3. Your barn photos are lovely! And what a gorgeous teapot! I just love that color....Christine

  4. The blue and yellow design of your cute teapot matches your decor perfectly. You were clearly meant to take it home.

  5. Sylvia - I prefer the first barn - reclaimed barnwood, which is typically that color, is all the rage in Montana. Your teapot and accessories are so bright and cheerful - lovely!


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