Friday, August 30, 2013

How To: Blah Paper - New Life

This was a dollar store find so I was not going to lose a lot to take the package home. It was really nice heavy paper.  Here's another set of blah paper which I have given new life.  The original paper is cream with matte and shiny stripes - the sample on the right.   I applied a few drops Nick Bantock ink to it with a bit of water and a paint brush.  Mostly it repelled the mixture. Once I had printed another sheet of paper (see that later) from it, I wiped it down to reveal what was left behind.  Despite feeling like not much had happened I did have color. Yeah!
I was expecting it to take the color much more and I would have dramatic contrast.  I'm going to use the brown and the red for fall cards for my Card Club in September.  

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