Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Storage - Drawers

I became aware of the Blog Hop - Where Bloggers Create 2013 hosted by Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage through Maureen's Blog.  I checked out most of the links to see what bloggers were saying about where they create and what creative solutions were being used to store stuff.  Many creators were saying that they need to see the stuff to use it.  That struck a cord with me.  I was inspired to make changes in my space so it would be more functional. I decided drawers needed to replace boxes which keeps the space defined.  After some internet research, here's what I found to fill the bottom half of the shelf in my space.  They are by Sterilite - Modular Drawer system with clear drawers. They fit perfectly across the 32 inch shelf and stacked 2 high fill the shelf with a bit of space above of thin items side by side. 
I cut down my rubber stamp collection to 3 small drawers, the rest are gone.  I have punches organized by Border, Stampin Up, Martha Stewart, and Other.  I sent a lot of 3D accents and beads to the second hand store as I am concentrating on card making these days.  I have a drawer for Christmas card supplies which is over flowing, the All Occasion Card supplies drawer is a good fit.  A drawer holds jars of buttons, another small envelopes, another A2 envelopes, and another chalk and tools.  I feel better about my space. I'm tackling the table which is suppose to be where I work but is just storing stuff now. 


  1. You say you cut down your rubber stamp collection to 3 small drawers.........I couldn't do without my rubber stamps! I must have over 1500 of them and love them all. LOL
    Diane of CST

  2. I have been thinking about you, Sylvia, and this post. You have just done the opposite of me. I am in the midst of a craft room re-org. I have all these plastic carts with drawers and realized I found it all too visually stimulating. I am in the process of changing things. I will share a photo when I get it finished - about half way there now. I am also trying to decide if I can let go of some old, unused stamps. I am also going to unmount the wood ones that are taking up so much space. Glad you found a solution that works for you.


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