Saturday, August 17, 2013

My New/Old Craft Space

I'm finally back in my dining room - craft space.  I had move all the stuff in the place around last August to have renovations done so it's been a year that I have been crafting on the dining table instead of my craft table. 
I've been working very steady on this project for at least 2 weeks but it feels like much longer.  I want to be able to get things back to their home quicker so they will since things are handier.  I have my paper cutter on a wood stand which holds my card stock scraps in white magazine holders. Next to that is my card stock storage in a Ikea shelving unit.  Above that is a leaning tower of pizza boxes.  The Cricut in in the far corner on another wood shelving with drawers for storage below.  I'm very happy with the new blinds I bought last year.  The table is my original chrome set I bought years ago.  I have added Ikea storage boxes on the right of the table.  No sure this will stay this way. They hold my regular supplies like tape runner, DS tape, 3D tape, tools like the Cropadile, etc.  Blue garbage bin on the bottom right hand.  The lamp has a natural light compact bulb which is a great addition.
Here's a picture of the shelf that I placed my new drawers onto that I blogged a while ago. I've had the 12x12 storage drawers for designer paper for a long time.  The small drawer unit holds my regular tools, markers, pens & pencils, and pencil crayons.  The blue bins hold hot glue supplies, punches, and less often used tools.  The new drawers hold envelopes, buttons and beads, silk flowers, Christmas card supplies, All Occasion card supplies, punches, and stamps.  There's just enough room above the drawers for the thin stuff like paper cutters, boxes of little stuff, and small ink pads.

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  1. It looks great!! Good on you for working hard to get it all organized!!



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