Sunday, November 9, 2014

Photo Challenge - Day 2 - 8

Here's my week two of photos for Kati's photo a day challenge for November.

Day 2 - Number

2 for Tea
I was at a sale yesterday and they were selling china tea cups. The prices were pretty good so I decided to purchase a few.  Here are 2 that I selected which I can use to have tea with a friend.

Day 3 - Leaf

I chose a Japanese Maple Leaf which I took on a visit to the Muttart Conservatory the other day.

Day 4 - Brown

Shades of Brown - to me gingerbread men need to be brown and they have to have red hearts on their bellies.  I have cut them from a variety of browns over the years in my card making.  The chocolate brown ones are my favorites.  

Day 5 - Cozy

I chose a warm mug of hot chocolate because we received our first snow this week and it really feels like I just want to snuggle up on the couch with the TV remote and hibernate.

Day 6 - Pumpkin

This is a nice orange pumpkin that my Mom grew in her garden.  I have not turned it into a meal yet.  I understand from Mom that it's not really a pumpkin it's a Sunshine Squash but it sure looks like a pumpkin.

Day 7 - Friend

I received this Willow Tree figurine from my friend as a Christmas gift.  It is a reminder of her when I see it.  Thanks Susan.

Day 8 - Table

I chose my every day dishes for my table photo. It's Corelle in white with black and grey stripes.  I selected this pattern many years ago but I still like it.  The cups for the set are small so I never use them.  I have added my china porcelain tea mug in basic white which I regularly use.


  1. Fun choices for the prompts Sylvia. Love your creative number choice!

  2. I love the gingerbread men! One of my grands is always drawing / making something. Now I think that I should save the cardboard from used kleenex and cereal boxes for awhile and then him go to town on some gingerbread men.

    Oh wait, he will probably want to make minecraft guys instead, lol. Well maybe one of the girls will do this :)

  3. Your "pumpkin" looks very pumpkin-y. If you hadn't said it was a squash I would have never known. Your hot chocolate looks good. I love to add a candy cane to mine around Christmas time. It has just the right amount of peppermint flavor. The tea cups are very pretty!


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