Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photo Challenge - November - Day 16 - 22

I'm participating in Kati's daily photo challenge for November.  It's great fun to take pictures and apply my interpretation of the prompts provided by Kati.  Christmas is starting to creep into my photos as I think and contemplate on this beautiful season.  I love Christmas

Here are my pics for this week.

Day 16 Red - Poinsettia

I took this photo a long time ago, several camera ago but it's still one of my favorites.  It was a gorgeous large poinsettia that arrived at the office during the Christmas season.  I could not resist taking the camera at lunch time and seeing what I could get.  It's an image I go back to often

Day 17 Hot Drink - Rooibos Chai

Another of the china cups I purchased at the sale a few weeks back. It's a simple and elegant pattern of blue brush marks with gold dots.  It is Radfords Crown China made in England.  A very modern design.
The tea is Rooibos Chai which is caffeine free and very flavorful.  It's my favorite year round tea. Starbucks JOY tea which only comes out at this time of year is a seasonal favorite. That reminds me that I should drop by and find a few boxes.

Day 18 Hands/Feet - Boots and Gloves

This is what my hands and feet are covered with when I go outside this time of year.  It cold outside and there is snow on the ground. These are my trusty Columbia winter boots which needed new laces this year. A pair of one size fits all stretchy blue gloves.  

Day 19 Family - Alphabet Photos

I put together a collage of Alphabet photos from my collection to make up the word - FAMILY.

Day 20 Wood - Angel

This is a wooden angel figurine.  Her skirt has swirls carved into it. She is playing the violin and has iron work wings.  I believe the trim at the bottom of her skirt is metal as well.  Amazing Grace a wonderful song. 

Day 21 Candlelight - Bird Tealight

This glass bird tea light holder was another gift. It is a Christmas Dove Tealight Holder. It is one of a pair. Shimmering blown glass love birds with antiqued metallic finish reflects the light of a tealight.

Day 22 Orange - Mandarins

Orange was a bit of challenge till I opened the fridge and there they were. Mandarin oranges!!! They are in the stores now.  They are delicious and a nice Christmas tradition.  This one is not a orange as the ones on the box but it tastes good. 


  1. Hi Sylvia, Enjoyed your photo interpretations of family and hands/feet. Fun...

  2. Your new tea cup is so pretty. I like tea cups and I have several in my collection.

    The family alphabet collage is really a neat idea. I think it's interesting to find letters in the world around us to photograph.


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