Saturday, November 15, 2014

Photo Challenge - Day 9 - 15

This is my posting for Kati's November Photo Challenge.

Check out my photo then follow the link and see what came to mind for others.  It's a great creative challenge to interpret the prompt and take a picture.

Day 9 Song - O Canada

I chose O Canada since Remembrance Day here was this week.  I took the picture a couple of years ago in the summer.  I had lots of blue sky and Canada Flag pictures but I thought based on the occasion the photo should be more somber. I added the words onto of the photo with software. Thank you to all who serve to keep us free.

Day 10  Yellow - Letter N

I took this photo during a Scott Kelby Photo Walk.  It was a letter on the side of a building.  It was yellow which is one of my favorite colors so I snapped a photo.  I am always on the look out for letters for my collection of alphabet photos but I usually try for a more artistic interpretation rather than a literal one but if the shoe fits.

Day 11 Outside my Window - Work

This is the view looking out the window at my work. Yes, I face the river valley with the Muttart Conservatory in plain view.  This was taken at sunrise late in the year. The sky is so gorgeous.  I'm looking forward to retirement when I can go out when the sun is the best and not worry where else I have to be.

Day 12 Small - Snowflake

This is a small snowflake in sea of glass marbles. It has some empty space all the way around. It was created on a sewing/embroidery machine. From what I understand the operator selects the image from the digital selections, places a substrate in the machine and presses go. The operator comes back a while later to see the creation. It stitches onto the material which is later dissolved in water which leaves only the thread.  Pretty cool!
This one is even and measured precisely.  This photo was converted to black and white to provide the contrast I wanted.

Day 13 Large - Snowflake

This is a large snowflake in the same sea of glass marbles. This one takes up all the space.  This one was made by hand. It is crocheted by one who spent time with the thread.   It has it own character with incorporated by the maker during the stiffening process. This photo was converted to black and white to provide the contrast I wanted.

Day 14 Swirl - Glass Beads

When the object does not present itself, I choose to create it myself.  I placed the frosted glass beads in a swirl this morning on a large clear glass plate.   I chose to apply a color variation to it in PSE to make it more appealing.  The blue looks great!

Day 15 Animal - Bison Sculpture

I took this picture in a different Scott Kelby Photo Walk.  This bison metal sculpture is on display at the conference center downtown.  I love the contrast of the black against the clear blue sky.


  1. What a great view you have from work. Those photo walks sound very interesting and something I would enjoy. Fun choices for the photo challenge...

  2. That sky is amazing! The colors are so vivid and breathtaking!

    I like that you chose snowflakes for both small and large. You can really see the size of both of them.


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