Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How To: DIY Phone Charging Holder

I decided to make a holder into which I could place my cell phone while charging it.  Yes, it has been sitting on the floor in the wall up until today.  I had done some research a while ago and when I emptied a shampoo bottle I decided to do it.  Unfortunately, it was not tall enough so when the cord was placed in the phone the connector interfered with the plug and there was not enough depth in the bottle so everything was just too tight and did not work.  It was a black bottle which would have looked great.  Moving on.
I had an empty dish soap bottle.  Upon checking it was tall enough to allow connector with the the plug above. I used a marker to layout my plan and an exacto knife to cut the bottle.  It took a while to make all the edges smooth.  I did apply a bit of sandpaper to the edges.
When not in use it holds the parts until I need them again.
I used washi tape to decorate it and away we go!!


  1. Very cool!!


  2. What a clever idea and fun project.

    Hugs diane

  3. Super idea Auntie! I have instructions for one of these in wool pinned for someday... it looks so handy.


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