Wednesday, April 8, 2015

R2G Occasion Card Stack Kit - Polka Dot Greeting

I've been working on card kits for my all occasion class tonight.  This is part of the Ready 2 Go Stack kit.

I wanted a large central greeting so after a bit of research on the web I designed a greeting of my own which included words and frames. With the large polka dot greeting where the dots are colored the rest of the elements are grey.  I trimmed the greeting close to the outside solid border.  I then lined up the bottoms of the white and grey card stock strips.  I ripped both at the same time so they would match exactly.  They could have been trimmed with scissors too.  I then shifted the grey one up until the white border matched the sides.  These were adhere to each other.  Then this layer was added to the card front.  You will see from the examples it can be offset or centered.  Then I cut the 3D foam tape in half crosswise and which gave me 4 pieces. I placed a piece in each corner of the greeting and adhered it to the card front over the grey strip. 

In this kit the card matches the colors of the polka dots and there are 4 different colors in the kit.  You will notice that there are 2 different greetings as well.

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