Friday, August 21, 2015

Advent Calendar - Boxed

I've been working on another presentation for my Advent Calendar.  This provides a 6 x 6 inch clear box for it to be stored in every year which will reduce the wear and tear on the pages. A jute cord and pins are used to display all the cards a once. The crystal bead marker allows folks to track the count down to Christmas Day by moving it to the next pin every day.  The list of suggested Advent activities is included.

The left inset shows the calendar with all the parts in the box.
The right inset shows the marker on the pin for a given day

Here's a link to the other one in a frame.  Leave me a comment as to which one - frame or box is more appealing to you.  Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.

The Advent Calendar Kit - Cards Only is available on my Calendar page.

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