Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chokecherry Picking - Yum!

I spent some time in the great outdoors today.  The temperature was not too hot but the mosquitoes were pesky. Despite their interference I achieved my goal.  I picked chokecherries in the wild.

Growing up in a rural area as a kid in a large family we picked tons of these.  So, I was reminded of the satisfaction of having my pail get fuller and fuller.  The berries were just perfect for picking.  All were ripe and came off their stems easily.  It was an absolute pleasure to pick them. I ate my fill once my pail was full which was the rule as a kid. We used to eat them with a salt shaker in hand to cut down the tartness.

I will freeze them. In the winter I will eat them as a healthy snack by filling a small bowl and letting thaw just enough to eat. Yum! 

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