Monday, August 17, 2015

MM - The Zoo

I went to the Zoo this week.  The weather had cooled and it was just a terrific day!
They have made some improvements in overall appearance and quite a few of the habitats have been expanded and enriched.  There is more areas with interactive exhibits which makes it more fun.
Don't you just love those eyes on the ring tailed lemurs.  They were hopping and skipping around and checking themselves out in the mirror in their exhibit.  There is a new area called the Beaver Lodge where they have a large dam made of logs which children were climbing all over so it is more interactive with the visitors. In this area they have several ponds with moving water and that is where the trout are swimming.  The Arctic Shores is where the seals swim. They have Northern Fur seals and Harbour Seals.  A black swan is a new since my last visit.  It was sharing habitat with pelicans and ducks.  What do you think of a skunk at the Zoo?  I guess it's the safest place to see one. I was surprised at how soft they looked. 

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  1. Hello Sylvia, wonderful zoo critters. I think I would rather see the skunk at the zoo then while out walking somewhere. The Lemurs are pretty with their neat tail. The swan is beautiful. Great mosaic, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. I haven't been to the Toronto Zoo for years but always enjoy seeing the animals in their mock habitats. Hmm, interesting to have a skunk on display, perhaps it was a rehab animal that can't be released back to the wild?
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sylvia.

  3. Zoos are always fun places to visit with a camera. You never know what you might "catch". Thanks for sharing your zoo visit with us.

  4. Very nice.
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