Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cards to the Gallery

My reception at the Gallery last night went really well. Several friends dropped by to check out the art.

With brisk sales I was in need of more cards to keep my display full.

I have added a title to the card front as many people asked me the names of the birds and flowers.

Here is my Black Capped Chickadee on heavy white card stock.

I love the various colors in Cosmos flowers.  I captured this one at the Legislative Grounds this summer.  It's great to have another in the background that repeats the punch of pink.

Here's that cute little Barn Swallow with his great colors.  This was taken at the John Poole Wetlands at the Lois Hole Provincial Park near St. Albert.

I sold the wedding card I delivered on Tuesday so I whipped up another based on this lovely image of a wedding couple available at EDigg Clipart.

Printed in black on vellum and clear embossed.  I chose a piece of bubble decorative paper.  I love how his side is more a masculine color and hers is lovely blue lavender.  The paper was cut to leave a small border of the warm blue card.  The vellum was trimmed a bit more and is held in place with 4 tiny white brads.

These are off to the gallery this morning.

I am bringing 2 Nature Photo Calendars and 1 Teddy Bear Calendar as well. 

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