Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Photo Cards - Thank Yous

I made and will deliver some thank you cards to the those who provided excellent customer service during the process of buying, delivering and installing my new appliances.  I appreciated the sales person working with my criteria and providing choices within those parameters. When it came time for delivery I was always told who would be coming to my home and the work the person would be performing. The coordinator on delivery day was great as the door swing was facing the wrong way, a small scratch was made on the fridge and my front door was damaged during the process.  The delivery guys had to remove my door to get the new fridge in which was extra work. The plumber who came to install the dishwasher was top notch! The young man who came to fix the front door did an excellent job.  They were both professional, organized, and considerate of my home.  I am so grateful and hopeful that the young people entering the trades are so well trained.

I selected a few of the photos I took this summer.  I printed them 3.5x5 and trimmed to 4.75 inches and adhered to heavy white card.


  1. How good you are to be appreciative of the workers that did a good job. So many people forget to say Thank you! Love your photos and it's a great way to make a special card. I cut up another book today....it's addictive! Enjoy your afternoon!

  2. I make photo cards too. The recipients love them. Have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by my blog last week.


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