Thursday, October 19, 2017

Share Your Cup - Recent Pics

When I bought my cute glass lemon a while back, my aunt the other two that were being offered.  I lent me her two so I could take some interesting photos. 

I placed them onto a navy blue blue plate.  I was not fussy of the shiny navy empty space on the corners so I sprinkled some cornmeal to reduce the glare.

I added some direct light onto the front one with a small flashlight.

I'm happy with this photo.

I hosted Welcome to my Kitchen this morning.  This is our fellowship group where we take turns hosting. 

With my new kitchen I was excited to host but with 16 expected I was concerned about having space for everyone to be comfortable.  I am very happy with the layout created with my dining room table and my craft table.  I chose yellow table cloths as it was the only color I have one big enough to cover the large table.

With 10 able to sit at the tables I set up TV tables along the sofa.  There was a table in the far corner with a stool.  The large chair in the foreground had a space of plate and cup on the trunk next to it.  I also had a small stool to serve as a table along with cushions on my wooden bench. 

As it turned out we were 12 and it was very comfortable.  As you can see the sun was shining!

Isn't Tupperware the best!  Tupperware parties were the rage when I graduated from high school. I have attended 100s of parties and spent a good dollar in my 20s stocking my kitchen. Money back guarantee!  I think the younger generation is not appreciating this product. Many pieces are between 30-40 years old. No,  I am not a demonstrator or have any vested interest.  I just love their product.

I put together a cheese and cracker tray which was served on a large yellow platter.  I served Camembert, mozzarella and marble sheet with great whole grain crackers.

I prepared a veggie tray with dill dip served in the Tupperware Large Serving Center.  I put in carrot sticks, pepper slices, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes.

A fruit tray served in the Tupperware Red Six Section Snack Tray.  Green grapes, oranges slices, and strawberries.

I made some Carrot Bran Muffins which features pineapple.  The other baking was Scottish Oat Scones.  Served on my plate stand with French Cobalt blue glass plates.

Here's my plate on a TV tray.

A friend helped me with the coffee making in a coffee maker I won as a prize at one of those famous Tupperware parties years ago. It gets used 1-2 times a year. I bought Nabob 1896 Tradition grounds which was a good choice I am told.   As most of you know, tea is my drink of choice.  I used my IKEA Cobalt Blue tea pot and made Red Rose black tea.  Both was well enjoyed.

I am working on my cobalt blue pieces in hopes of putting together a still life photo sometime next year.

The tall glass bottle is a recent purchase.  There was a different style at the same store so I going to get that one as well.

My inspiration is this painting by Mickie Acierno. 

During the update to my place mostly in the kitchen I put new art for the bathroom on the shop list. Ihave not found anything so far.  As you may remember I lightened the bathroom with a white shower curtain. This wee,  I combined 2 items I have owned for years.  I had an empty white wooden frame in 16x20 and the print in my bathroom was the same size.  I thought these should work.  They do!

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  1. ...Tupperware is the original, the real deal.

  2. I'm sure that your fellowship group enjoyed the delicious food that you served. I was too young for Tupperware parties, but did grow up using them. Gotta love it when you can repurpose things that you already own.

  3. Great pics!Love the glass lemons photo too.The blue and white porcelains are gorgeous!Amazing Christmas cards in your blog!Hugs.

  4. I like your glass lemons, Sylvia! I also have tupperware that I bought over 40 years ago when I was first married and it is still going strong. It is a quality product. Your fellowship luncheon looks very nice!

  5. Sylvia, I have been looking at a Tupperware book this week! I have pieces that are over 40 years old and are still perfect! Your party looks lovely and the sounds wonderful!

  6. The glass lemons are gorgeous - and what a clever idea to cut down the glare - I must remember that. I am very impressed by the care and attention you took with your luncheon - I am sure your guests appreciated it as well. I have inherited several Tupperware pieces from my Mom and they still 'burp' just like the first time!

  7. Glad to see that your party was a success. I also hoard Tupperware. It is so much better to use that than the cling wrap to cover plates. I couldn't live without them.

  8. You layout works beautifully for your group -- and the food, delicious. I always panic when I have book club! Too many people.

    Those yellow lemons. Zowie! Love it!

  9. You’ll be so busy entertaining from your wonderful new’s perfect for it!

  10. Oh, I can remember going to Tupperware parties. :) Cheese and cracker platters are always a big hit. I love your blue and white display! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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