Monday, June 13, 2011

Christmas Card Stack - Gold Ornaments

The gold and black paper is wonderful. I selected card stock to match the decorative paper (black and purple). I found some gold paper that went well with it. I cut a layer of gold leaving a small border and glue it to the card front. Then I trimmed the decorative paper leaving a larger border. I cut the ornament with a Cuttlebug die folder combo "For You" from the gold paper. I glued a small eyelet in the card color to the ornament hanger. I folded the ribbon in half, pulled the fold through the hanger hole and the pulled the ends through the loop and pull taut. I put a big of glue behind the hanger and the ornament. Placing the colored snowflake onto the gold ornament and use a push pin to make a hole for the brad. Push the brad through and spread the prongs on the card inside. Trim the ribbon ends with scissors.

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