Sunday, September 15, 2013

Photo - Royal Tyrell Musuem - 25th Anniversary

I took a trip to Drumheller this week specifically to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. I've been visiting this area of Alberta for years and I've visited the museum at least 4 times. The museum celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2010.   It is never a disappointment but this visit was excellent.  They have added an education centre, a garden, programs, more hands on exhibits, some fun stuff and some exhibits feature mirrors which I thought was an excellent addition!
The top photo is the great Tyrannosaurus Rex found in southwestern Alberta by 2 teens fishing.  Insects in cased in amber, a fern from the Cretaceous Garden, underwater creatures from the Burgess Shale made 12 times larger than their actual size.  The Mosasaur was a marine reptile like a crocodile that lived in the Bearpaw Sea which was an inland sea that spread from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico during the Cretaceous Period, essentially splitting North America in half. Taking the photo was difficult as the area was darken as in underwater.  The Stegosaurus rounds out the set of photos in the bottom right.

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