Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photos - Trip to Drumheller

I took a trip to southern Alberta this week, mostly to see the Royal Tyrell Museum - more about that in the next post. I chose not to travel on the QEII and took the smaller highways to Drumheller.  What a pleasant drive!  The sun is shining, the water holes are full reflecting the blue sky, the birds are swimming and I totally enjoyed the day!  It was hot so I'm glad I got an early start.

I love the top left shot which is cresting the hill on Highway 56 and all of a sudden you are in a different world. The swan was in Camrose on Mirror Lake.  The wind turbines were near Torrington, AB on Highway 27. The grain harvesting was in full force in this area.  The train was in Stettler.  The patio is at the McDougall Lane Bed and Breakfast.  Great place.

Is that a bone in the mud in the background? See just above Drumheller, I think so.  I did not see it when I took the picture but there it is!

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