Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday's Hunt 1.20

I took these shots for the challenge of Friday's Hunt.

The prompts are:
Starts with T

This is a plate of Three potato pancakes for lunch.  I added a dab of sour cream on each pancake topped with a bit of cilantro.  A side of kimchi for a bit of great flavor.

My favorite is a blue iris blooming in one of the flower beds on my walk this morning.  Love the yellow in the centre and the fuzzy on the petal on the right.

The lamp post outside whose lights are on once the sun has set.   I guess there is a trio of lights in this photo as well.

Submitting to Friday's Hunt 1.20 hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.


  1. iris are a treat for the eyes

  2. Potato pancakes, yummm. That's something else I can make this week. :-)

  3. Three delightful photos, Sylvia. I would like coming to those yummy looking potato pancakes. Irises are always pleasant finds. The trio of lamps on your post is pretty. We've never has a lamp post, I don't see any in our neighborhood so they may not be allowed.

  4. The potato pancakes look yummy! I see why the iris is your favorite. Very beautiful. I like the unique perspective of the lights. Thank you so much for joining in Friday's Hunt! Have a great week.


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