Saturday, May 28, 2016

Share Your Cup #199

Pot of Herbs  I was with my sister on the long weekend. I had decided that I would like to have a few herbs for cooking.

We transplanted the Cilantro to this large shallow pot. We added Chives, Basil, and Dill.  She had a turquoise plate to go under the pot, how nice was that!
This second picture shows the few green sprouts that are starting to poke their heads from the soil.

Quick Trip  
I spent most of the week traveling across the country to help my aunt Fran move from Ontario to Alberta.  She is coming to be closer to her family.  Isn't retirement grand!
We drove for 4 days with averaging 10-12 hours on the road per day.  We got along well as we were both morning risers as our days usually started around 5:30 am. I did manage to get a walk in every morning so my body is not complaining too much. We got to know each other and we have quite a few things in common. Family, photography, fiber crafts and love of Butter Chicken and Chai Tea.
I need a snooze today.

Deck Chair
I purchased a white plastic deck chair on the long weekend.  This morning I washed it all up and put it on my balcony.  I had tea outside of the first time.  It's a bit noisy but the morning sun feels great.
My To Do book to work on what needs to be caught up now that I am home, Masala Chai tea,  muffins, and fruit.

I'm ready for a bit of a rest.

Sharing My Cup with Carol at Art & Sand.


  1. Your road trip sounds great. I'm going on one with a friend soon, but we are bringing her grandchildren back with us so the return trip might be a little crazy.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Carol, Enjoy your trip. Grandchildren can be a challenge but they can be well behaved as well. Our trip included a cat which made the trip and I did not hear a meow out of her. The first day she was quite stressed but the last 3 days she was quiet. Sylvia D.


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