Friday, August 19, 2016

Apple Rhubarb Crisp with Tea

I picked some apples from the ones I picked from my Mom`s tree last weekend.  I removed the ends and stems, cut them into quarters, cored them and sliced them.  I filled my casserole with sliced apples and some rhubarb.  I added the crumb topping and put it into the oven.

Here`s the apple rhubarb crisp out of the oven.  I let it cool a little bit. I love my Kitchen Aid casserole.  Its a great color and it cleans up real easy.

I made a cup of tea to enjoy with my crisp.  Chai Tea is one of my favorites.  I recently purchased this Cochin Masala Chai tea.  This small white teapot works well for tea for one.

I plated a serving of crisp on a Myott The Hunter in blue cobalt plate.  I added a small cup of tea for this evening dessert with a bit of honey and half and half.

Yes, I did add a bit of half and half cream to add the bit of decadence to the serving.   There was some sugar in the crumb topping but no additional sugar in with the fruit.  It was not too sweet at all.

I really enjoyed this dessert.

Sharing with Cuppa Tea Tuesday hosted by Ruth at Antiques and Tea Cups.

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  1. Sylvia, the Apple rhubarb crisp looks delicious and with a spot of tea.., perfect! Blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living


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