Monday, August 29, 2016

Mosaic Monday - This Week

I received this wonderful fused glass tea bag catcher from my sister who attended a youth event this summer and needed a couple of emergency contacts.  I served as number 2.

Does she know me well?  Glass, yellow and tea related.  Does not get better than that.  These were being sold at the event and was produced by Mad About Glass.  I love it!!

Thanks so much.

This photo was one of the several I took for the challenge on Flickr this week which was In The Mirror.  We needed to take a macro close up shot of an object.  It would be best if we did not see the edges of the mirror.  I took a shot of a dried rose in a small crystal vase.  I placed a few glass marbles in the vase to hide the stem.  I love how it turned out.
You can see my shots by following this link. SMDPics
A visit to my aunt's house on Saturday showed this type of industriousness going on.  Dill pickles and peaches were on the agenda for preserves that day.  Her daughter and husband were up and the kitchen was a hopping place.

My kitchen saw some activity as well Friday night when I cored and quarters the rest of the apples from my Mom's.  The flies were starting to flit about and it as time the apples were processed.  I managed 4 containers of apple sauce for chocolate bran muffins which get made at my house every week.  So I use about 50 containers of apple sauce a year and at this time of year apples are being offered for free by several folks with trees.

I found this set of dinnerware at the thrift store last week for $3.  I could not leave it there.
It is Country Side by Wedgewood in blue.  The tea cup saucer is missing so I have substituted another for this photo.  I'm sure with a bit of attention on-line I may be able to acquire a replacement.

Submitting to Mosaic Monday #5 hosted by Maggie at Normandy Life.


  1. Your shot of the dried rose against the crystal vase is lovely. There's a poignancy....

  2. Hello, your tea bag catcher is cute. The canned peaches look yummy. I like the dinnerware set, very pretty. Lovely items and mosaic! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Very nice gathering of subjects for this week's offering. Your rose in the crystal vase is really artsy. I, too, love yellows and tea so if my sister gave me that gift, I would love it, too. But ohhhh the preserves...always beautiful to see jars lined up that way.

  4. That is a unique teabag saver, very pretty. Good find on the Wedgwood china, the plain white saucer looks fine by me.
    I like the idea of chocolate bran muffins, will you share your recipe?

    1. Judith, I have posted the recipe for Brownie Chocolate Muffins. Check this link.

  5. Oh, you have so many pretty things to show in this post! The china was a fabulous buy and I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either! It makes you wonder how it ever got on the shelf! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  6. I love your mosaic - have a great week!

  7. Love the teabag holder! Very different. Peaches, dill pickles and apple sauce -- lots of yummy work! Your photo of the dried rose is very special! Great find on the Wedgwood. Happy Monday!

  8. I love Apple sauce but don't think I could face making it in such quantities! I love blue and white china too and am always on the lookout for pieces to add to my collection. Thanks for joining the MM crowd again this week.

  9. Your blue dishes find is a lovely one.Hope you have success in finding other pieces. Apple sauce is waiting to be made around here, too.


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