Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Share Your Cup #209

Sunflower Tile Framed

You will see my original plan on this post.  I was not able to get the existing tile from the frame so I just purchased another frame.

I removed the print and glass from this one.  I painted the back board with Blue Velvet acrylic paint so that the tiny gap between the tile and frame would not show.  I also painted the edge of the tile with the same paint.  I then dry brushed the same paint onto the frame to create a distressed look.

I am happy with how it turned out and it is hanging in my kitchen.

I have had the small blue saucers and the large plates for quite a while.

Yesterday, I found salad plates and cups to match.  I was very happy.  They will allow me to create tablescapes with more pieces. They work very well with my Myott The Hunter salad plates which are just a bit smaller.  The white plate with scallop edge is IKEA. 

Here is a few flower shots taken after completing my photo shoot for the 2017 Tea Calendar.  I had gathered flowers for the calendar shoot and when I was done with that process I said to myself  "I should take some shots of these lovely flowers."  So I did.  A white aster, a pink rose and a deep raspberry zinnia. 

Sharing with Carol at Art & Sand for Share Your Cup #209.

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