Thursday, December 8, 2016

Art Framed - Warm Owl

I framed one of my paper pieced owls which I created for the 2017 calendar.

I had to trim the art work a bit to keep the ratio of the shiny pale gold frame.  I found a piece of dark brown card stock onto which I mounted the art.  I then selected a piece of warm buttery yellow art paper to create the back ground layer. 
Mounting the art piece with googly eyes created a spacing issue inside the frame.  After trying several things with no success, I added 4 punched suns in the four corners of the brown square.  These were mounted with 3D foam tape in the same thickness as the eyes. 

The piece was then inserted into the frame as usual.  It seems to work quite well. 

The owl calendar has been popular this year so I hope the framed owl will also be popular.  It would work in several areas of decorating as well as a focal point in a space for one who just loved it!

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