Saturday, December 24, 2016

Share Your Cup #228 - This Week

The crafting has been happening at my house this week.  The sewing machine has been working overtime and the projects have turned out really well. 

I guess I did inherit a bit of my skill from my Mom who has been sewing for 70 years.  Check back later to see the actual projects.

There was some hand stitching as well.

The gifts are starting to show up under the tree.  I still have a lot of wrapping to do but at least a few are done. 

I`ve met with friends this week for lunch and movies.  Vietnamese was for lunch on Tuesday.
The Fantastic Beasts on Wednesday.  It was very good movie.  We spent a couple hours following the movie over a bit of something to eat with a large cup of tea!!

I made a small batch of Candy Cane Bark.  I crushed the candy cane in the food processor.  I did a few whole almonds as well.  I melted the white chocolate over a double boiler then when melted I mixed in the candy cane bits and almond bits.

I spread it over wax paper on a cookie pan.  Into the fridge to harden. 

I wanted some healthier snacks as well so I dipped dried apricots and small pretzels in Bernard Callebaut Milk Chocolate. 

The chocolate was melted in small glass containers in a double boiler.  The containers provided a depth of chocolate I needed to get some onto half of my dippers.

The dried apricots were dipped then placed on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Next was the small pretzels which provide a bit of salt to contrast with the sweet of the milk chocolate.


With all the work under my belt it was time to take a break with a great cup of hot chocolate.   I serve it in my Steeped Tea Tea Lover's Teacup which is a blown glass double walled cup.  I added a piece of candy cane for stirring. A Christmas orange with a couple of snacks I slaved over earlier.

Sharing with Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs Olson for Sharing Your Cup #228.

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