Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SYC - Couple of Weeks

I've been very busy doing craft sales, filling card and calendar orders and getting ready for an Art Show.  I have concerts, brunches and a community sing in my next few weeks.  Christmas gifts and cards have to make into the mix as well.

During a visit to deliver a card order to a friend I found this wonderful cut glass bowl filled with glass yellow lemons.  I love it!  It's right up my alley in color and medium.

It may take me a while to put something similar together.

My aunt collected these hydrangeas in the fall and they kept their color.  She had a great vase in a dusty rose color that really went well with the dried flowers.  I set up a bit of a vignette to capture the flowers.  Love it.

I was part of a tree decorating party at my aunt's house on Monday evening.  She has a lot of vintage ornaments and I captured a few.

I wish that there was a tree up a my house but not yet.  I have had too many craft commitments.

I captured these blue jays at the feeder in Mom & Dad's yard.  I guess it totally depends on the type of seeds you put out as to whether the jays come.  I vote to keep up the sunflower seeds to keep them coming.

I picked up this Tupperware cake taker at the second hand store.  I have a vintage one which I purchased just after high school but I find this one is better in the sense that the hand locks in.  The base is yellow so that was for sure a win for it coming home with me.

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  1. You scored on that cake taker! Love the yellow base, too. The Christmas tree decorating party sounded fun. Maybe you should host one to get your tree up.?


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