Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Breakfast - This Week

I received this mug for Christmas.  It features a Chickadee on this side and a Cardinal on the other.  I received the coasters and tea towels as well.  The red one matches the tablecloth really nicely.

They are part of the Cardinal Collection from Northern Reflections.

I created a center piece for the table with three mercury glass pieces.  I placed the tree, a bottle with a pick of Christmas greenery, and a fluted ornament on a gold large charger plate.  I added a large pine cone for contrast to the sparkle. 

The centerpiece was added to a handmade table runner.  This one features black, gold, silver, and grey.  The grey and black coordinates well with the colors in the mug.   It`s they are put together offset which creates a wavy design.

I had grapefruit, rye toast with peanut butter and a small sweet square.  I received the grapefruit knife from a friend who no longer eats them.
The knife is marked H. Morton Sheffield Make from stainless steel.
I chose a pointed teaspoon to make the removal of section easy. 

This is an overall view of the table this morning.  I am enjoying my white IKEA building background.

I have added some wooden block buildings which I bought recently.

The mug holds Masala Chai tea with some honey and cream.

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  1. What a pretty cup! Live the chicadee!...Christine

    1. It has a cardinal on the other side which is as cute so I will post its photo some later. Sylvia D.

  2. Very cute mug, Sylvia! I wandered into Northern Reflection for the first time in years last fall and found adorable "Tea Time" pajamas. Naturally, they came home with me. Happy New Year!

    1. Margie, What a cute idea. I would not thought of tea theme on clothing. Maybe an apron but not pajamas. Sylvia D.


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