Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Tree Up!

I put up my Christmas tree which is the first time in 5 years. I'm pretty happy with it's look.  I am one who likes white/clear lights and clear/white/silver ornaments.  I have pearl white glass ball ornaments with a white crocheted angel on the top. 

I draped clear bead garland to unify the whole look.  Don't know if they still sell that type.

I placed my small nativity scene at the foot of the tree.  It's placed onto white snow fabric which has been placed over the green tree skirt my sister made for me.

I have chosen 3 ornaments to highlight.  The sand dollar my sister gave during the time she spent in Florida, a vintage glass ornament from my Mom and Dad's collection and a stained glass ornament which I made many years ago. 

I have been investigating alternative Christmas trees which would be easier to set up and store.  


  1. Your tree looks great!!!!!!!!!
    Good on you for getting it up this year!
    I know you will enjoy it!!


  2. Your tree looks lovely, Sylvia. Last year, my mom used one of those slim "pop-up trees".


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