Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas Thank Yous

I made my Thank You cards for the wonderful gifts I received this Christmas.

My tradition is to make my TY cards from the gift wrap on the gifts.  I had a few choices and I chose this one.  It is a double sided paper so again more choice.  I found the large snowmen not as inspiring but the strips of postage stamp images were just great.  There were several colors included as well so I could have a variety of card colors. 

I chose 5 colors - Red, Turquoise, Green, Purple and Pink for the cards, then I coordinated the greeting layer with that. I used a happy font for my greeting and I printed them on a quarter sheet of white card stock then trimmed the one side to make it 5.25 wide and ripped the bottom edge.  I cut the strips of images between the rows free hand.  Four across was perfect.  I just made sure I had one that matched the card stock.

This paper was on the gift from my niece and it worked wonderfully for this project.  Thanks so much!

I have been so blessed this year by friends and family.  A few gift cards, some tea related gifts, some yellow and navy for my kitchen, some nice scented shower gel, a couple handmade gifts and a turquoise scarf.

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  1. Lovely to receive such fun gifts! I know that thank you is appreciated!


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