Saturday, January 6, 2018

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Here's my new wreath for the front door.
The one I am using is a large evergreen looking one with silver accents I had made for my office door.  It came home with me when I retired.  The frame is 16 inches wide so 23 inches with the greenery. I thought I would replace it with a smaller one but then it blocked the peep hole so I decided 20 inches would work.  I wanted something I could decorate for each season.
I became aware of Geo Wire Wreaths at a handmade boutique I visited in early December.  They had a kit for sale using plastic straws and connectors but it would not be sturdy.
I decided I wanted a metal one so started my internet search.  Not finding what I wanted in Canada I was going to settle for a 23" flat one from Pottery Barn which would mean a visit to West Edmonton Mall, not my favorite place.  On Thursday, I thought I would check Canadian Tire's website to see what they may have on Christmas clearance since I was headed out anyways.  Well lo and behold if I did not find exactly what I was looking for on SALE!!  I have added a string garland of silver and gold beads and a single gold ball.  This will do for winter I think.

Another great book from Karen Kingsbury.  This one features 2 brothers and 2 sisters where one in each was affected by Down Syndrome.  The approaches one the way these children were raised were completely different.  In the girl's case she was encouraged to do all she could, provided with opportunities to grow and become independent.  While in the boy's case he was kept at home and spent his days playing video games and most everything done for him.  By chance, the boy is enrolled in the class for learning life skills to be independent and he flourishes.  He is diagnosed with epilepsy and the parents are reconsidering their decision.  The big brother has come home for a while and is no sure his brother is capable of independent living. The man and woman get to know each other and come to see a way forward for each of their siblings.  The life skills taught were taking the bus, cooking, managing money, getting along with others and prayer.

The sun is shining just beyond the clouds so hang in there.

I did spend some of my Christmas money and bought a Cherry Red Diamond Weave Nordic Mug which was on my list.  I added some tea sacks and some loose teas as well - Organic Saigon Chai and Organic Earl Grey.  I've only tried the Chai so far but I am happy with the taste.

I toned down my table to a white Battenburg table runner and the red table cloth.  I added the stainless steel tree folding table decor for a bit of a festive touch.

I clear glass plate holds a few goodies from the bake sales before Christmas.  Nanaimo Bars and Thumbprint cookies were a nice complement to a mug of Chamomile tea.

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  1. Your wire wreath is so elegant and pretty. Perfect for the winter. And at Canadian Tire? Who would have thought?

  2. Your winter wreath is elegant and so very lovely! And I also love that happy red mug! What fun!

  3. Love your pretty wreath!Love your elegant mug too!Hugs!

  4. Your mug of tea looks so pretty and delicious! Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Happy New Year, Sylvia. Your simple wreath that can be used for many seasons is a very clever, space-saving idea. And now I need to go find our left-over cookies - I need a sugar fix!

  6. Your white and gold wreath looks great, Sylvia. I also like how your new red mug came with a coaster. My tea cupboard and curio cabinets are overflowing so I'm currently on a no shopping for tea or teawares. Today is Day 7...we'll see how long I'll last. HA!

  7. The new wreath is perfect for the New Year! It's very unique. You know I love that red mug! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. The wreath is certainly unusual. Cute! Sort of like snow crystals. Love the red. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! A bit happens...with unexpected company thrown in!


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