Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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I am looking for summery images with this cold weather hanging in here.

So, tea this morning was served with true blue and yellow color scheme. The tea was Mango Passion Fruit served in my Steeped Tea True Blue heart shaped tea cup and saucer.

I love how my new small tea pot works so well with my regular dishes.  A delicious piece date square from our lunch on Sunday and a trio orange slices brightened up the table.

I chose my heart shaped tea cup and saucer with the gold edges.  The gold mercury glass bottle repeats this punch of metallic gold.

I placed some bright yellow poppies in the mercury glass bottle. 

Three slices from a large navel orange on the true blue plate again provides a bright punch of color on the table.  It offers some vitamin C to ward off those unhealthy bugs floating in the air.

This was the January book for the Tea Book Club hosted by Angela at Tea with Friends.

I did not finish this book.  It is book documenting the history of Darjeeling tea so some of the pages were not very compelling to me. 

I did learn a bit about the tea and would be interested to trying it next time I hit the loose tea store.

Love the cover!

I received this large jar candle scented Pumpkin Pie from a friend many years ago.  I decided it was time to liquidate it and thought that the jar may have decorator value.  So, I set out to melt the remaining wax in the jar which took several hours.  My place smell quite nice at the beginning but it became quite strong over time.

Once the wax as fully melted I washed the jar and removed the label.  Behind the label the jar was not textured as the top and bottom so it is not as reflective as those areas.  I've decided to keep for a bit to see if I can use it.

I am working on a sewing project for pot protectors.  I have been working on this pattern for a month. 

I have finally come up with something I am happy with it so I will be cutting and sewing to see the fabric project lives up to the vision.

I will keep you posted on the final project.

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  1. That heart-shaped teacup is a gem! I love the blue, too. And I can't wait to see your sewing project when done!

  2. Your blue teapot and heart cup and saucer match each other perfectly! This weekend, I'll be taking out my heart tea sets out of storage so that they're on display for February...hard to believe it's only 2 sleeps away!

  3. Love the blue heart teacup! So cute! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  4. Your blue/yellow theme is beautiful ... when I saw the poppies , my heart danced with delight...I do love the sensation of yellow... Your heart cup is so darn cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day...Thanks for a delightful post..Can’t wait to see your creation.


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