Monday, January 8, 2018

Good Blues

I have been adding to my collection of blue and white.

I found this blue & white shoe at a thrift store.  During a visit to an antique mall the same day,  I found a similar vase which was identified as an ivy planter.

I am planning at to create a 2019 photo calendar with my blue and white collection.  I have dishes and decorator items in blue, blue and white and white which will provide plenty of still lifes.  Look for the calendar later this year.

This is a lovely glass coaster in true blue to royal in an ombre pattern.  Love the bubbles in the glass.  It will work as a coaster or hot spot for a teapot.

I found this great bag at the thrift store which of course worked really well in my kitchen.  It is about 6 inches wide and 12 inches tall.  Since the update to the kitchen last summer I have not had a place to store medium sized plastic grocery bags.  I have placed it on my stove handle.
I use the large plastic bags in my garbage and I have a drawer to store those.
I see during my visit to a large chain store this weekend that they are now charging for plastic bags.  I have been using reusable bags for groceries for over 25 years.

A Christmas gift of yellow and navy blue & white tea towels.  Love it!

A true blue canister which matched my dishes came home with me. It now holds my Chai Tea bags in the tea corner.

This great blown glass ornament in the deep blue color which matches my blue and white collection.  It was in the Christmas ornament section but it will live with the rest of my collection.  It will no doubt appear in my 2019 calendar.

I have been looking for a teapot to go with my true blue dishes.  I found this one recently.  Color wise it is perfect match.  You will note that it has a matte finish where the dishes have a shiny finish but variety is the spice of life.

With 8 in my collection I am done buying teapots!

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  1. You've had awfully good finds! Blue and yellow are my two favorites so I can't pick one!

  2. Love all the blues - so many fun finds. I had to laugh just a tad when you said that you were through collecting teapots at six - as I probably have two dozen. I do like to use most of them that are usable - some are just so old they become only decorative - but I love them all. I like your idea of making a calendar for next year now - I make a calendar of my nature photos each year but never complete it until christmas time - I need to start earlier. Thanks for the good idea.

  3. What a unique boot! Your pretty blue tea canister and teapot are perfect additions to your kitchen.

  4. Your collection of blue & white is growing in leaps and bounds, I like the splash of contrast colour from the yellow items, I have two teapots but never use either!
    Happy New Year & Happy MM from Normandy.

  5. So many pretty blues - my favourite colour. I have four teapots and that's enough, I think. Sometimes I make both a pot of regular tea and a pot of herbal tea when we have guests.

  6. Sylvia - blues and yellows ... a gorgeous combination! And good for you for utilizing non-plastic grocery bags all these years! Sounds like the stores are finally catching up to you!

  7. Your blue teapot is beautiful. I love how unique the matte finish is. Collecting teapots can be addicting. Thank you so much for your visit last week.


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