Thursday, November 5, 2015

Be Present for Christmas - Lesson 5 - Be a Dwelling Space for God

We continue to assemble our Advent Calendars.  See last weeks lesson here. There is sewing on of buttons and adding strings to the envelopes.  We then place our scripture readings and activity sheets in envelope.  I will leave the writing of their chosen activities to their own time.  The envelopes can now be hung on the buttons.

This week the lesson focus is Be a Dwelling Space for God. It's the story of Mary. When you make space in your words, in your wants, in your ways for Jesus, He comes and lives in the most miraculous way in your heart, too. Only one thing is necessary - just let your hands and your heart be a space for love to come into the world.
Is there anything you need to take a break from for a while to make more space for Jesus?

I'm selecting my lessons from The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp.  The book provides 24 lessons for each day of Advent of which I have chosen 7 for this class.  We will have readings, questions, discussion, and an activity each week.

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