Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Card Display - Show

I needed a display to hold my cards at my show on Friday.  After looking at what I had at home I came up with this idea.
I designed it with a 12x12 metal square I bought at a scrapbooking garage sale a couple of years ago.  I expect it was designed to allow a person to layout their page before adhering it.  I painted it acrylic spray paint.  I taped a 6x6 inch clear square box together then cut it in half with an exacto knife to create 2 pockets to hold the cards. The pockets are held in place with a couple rare earth magnets on the bottom of the frame.  The metal frame is mounted on a large metal easel.  The bottom of the easel supports the pockets as well as they are filled and get heavier. I added a piece of card stock identifying me and my process of creating decorative paper. It is held to the metal frame with magnets hidden behind the cards.  The pockets are great because they hold cards tall or wide. 
Having them well displayed, I hope I sell a few during the evening. 

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