Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be Present for Christmas - Lesson 7 - God in the Manger

Today, we focus of the babe in the manger.  Jesus is born. 

The suggestion was made that we make thank you cards.  Some are still working on advent calendars so I changed my plans and made simple thank you cards.  I used the cards available at the local arts and crafts store.  I then selected some Christmas and non Christmas frame images to surround the greeting at the center of the card.  I made 2 of each design.  The images were selected from Clker and Graphics Fairy.  
We started with gratitude and we end with gratitude.  God comes quiet... The victory is won.  All of conquered heaven and grateful earth echo and throb tonight with the heart cry of the God-Child. I did it for love.
The greatest Gift laid into our empty hands...  Grace is weightless.

We have had a very good class.  I have learned a lot and I believe the ladies enjoyed it as well.

Have a stress free Christmas season.  Today was the first snow for us so it's starting to look a lot like Christmas.

I'm selecting my lessons from The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp.  The book provides 24 lessons for each day of Advent of which I have chosen 7 for this class.  We will have readings, questions, discussion, and an activity each week.  I handed out this freebie from Ann's website.  You don't have to work for Christmas.

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